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Why a Camper vs Tiny House

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What intrigued us about classic Tiny Houses:

-Small with few to no bills
-Wheels allowing for potential mobility
-Owning the thing = no more rent

We went to Portland to meet with a builder and here's what we learned:

-$80,000 base price. We could build a home ourselves for less than 1/8 of the cost
-Outlandishly heavy. Mobility would require a very, very serious tow vehicle
-Zoning laws in the US make parking extremely difficult on any piece of land
-Plumbing and electricity would require constant hookups, preventing us from an off grid lifestyle

Why we went with a camper:

-Built for mobility
-Affordable on any budget
-Durable and long lasting

Why we went with OUR camper (13ft fiberglass Scamp):

-Extremely light weight, can tow with nearly any vehicle
-Fiberglass = extremely durable. With lack of seams and edges, Scamps hold their value for decades. No leaks, breaks, dings and easy to repair
-Very little space = very few belongings = very peaceful life
-Saving 3 months of rent, we now own our home and pay no mortgage, no rent, no bills.

There are many ways to achieve freedom. This way worked for us. <3