Elsa Rhae

Professional Creative

Nice to meet you

I'm Elsa Rhae.

A self taught face painter and professional creative, my body paint work has been featured on the Huffington Post (USA, UK), The Daily Post (UK), and the front page of reddit.com, The Chive, Gizmodo and several other popular websites. 

I'm a '13 University of Kansas graduate with a degree in Film+Media Studies + a Business minor. Video editing has been my passion since childhood and I'm proud to say that I still enjoy pursuing that passion today.

I currently live in a 13ft fiberglass trailer with my partner and dog. I travel around the United States creating murals and documentary-style videos of my experiences, as well as operating a full time online store from my trailer! While extremely radical, this lifestyle has provided me with a freedom never known to me in the past. Freedom of time, of thought and of creativity.

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Kansas City raised

Colorado present