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I carry everything for my mobile sticker shop (aside from the digital devices in my backpack) in this tub. 


The tub stores my supplies well, but I look a bit goofy walking into coffee shops and libraries with this bulky thing.. and even goofier as I start unloading it all onto a table, bench or floor beside me. My orders live online and I access them on my laptop. As long as I'm connected to WiFi and electricity, I can begin filling orders.


I keep my DYMO label printer, clearly identified with an ink test label.


I keep my large envelopes in large, re-usable ziplock bags and my small envelopes in a large bin. 


And of course, my stickers. At the moment I have 2 1/4 bins stuffed full of wood stickers and a smaller container full of vinyl stickers. I have been through many iterations of organization with these stickers and this method seems to be the best for quickest selection and transfer.

A few small bins not shown contain supplies like US and international postage stamps, a sponge for wetting envelopes, glue sticks, rubber bands, business cards and my handmade thank you notes I created with plantable seed paper (each thank you note has the potential to grow 8 different varieties of wildflowers). 

Be sure to check back at ElsaRhae.com on Wednesday, January 17th for a special release of not only new stickers, but a new, limited time only product as well. The wait is killing me too...!

We're off to Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2018, a yearly, 10 day gathering of vandwellers, RVers and nomads of all sorts. We will be off grid, in the middle of the desert with little to no service until the 17th. Be sure to browse my videos if you begin to miss us and know that we'll be missing you too!