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Glacier National Park

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It has been an experience of a lifetime to explore so many national parks! I’ve now seen 4 and the list is still growing! I’m in a unique place with how I feel about National Parks. The nature and views are utterly outstanding and otherworldly. It’s amazing that they can be kept so pristine despite the millions of people who pass through each park every year. I appreciate the protection and preservation of the parks to no end, the USA is very lucky to have such a passionate forest service, however the masses of people deter me from spending much time in the parks. I know that I am one body adding to the masses, I know it’s unfair of me to want to experience the parks with less people, I know I am part of the population problem. I feel fortunate to lead a life where I experience beautiful nature each day, unfettered with people, slow moving, beautiful and simple. Because of my lifestyle, I have an appreciation for all nature, especially that which is quiet and undisturbed. The National Parks offer a starting place for non-nature enthusiasts to experience visceral beauty and protected wildlife. There are pristine campgrounds allowing new campers to experience the outdoors in the company of other enthused travelers and explorers.

We arrived at Glacier National Park at 5:30am to beat the crowds. We parked in a half full parking lot and took a simple 1.5 mile walk to view Hidden Lake. There were few people on the trail, the air was calm and quiet, and wildlife could be seen all over. On the walk down, Barron and I stayed to the side of the trail, one of us behind the other to make room for the dozens and dozens of people making the same hike up. The wildlife had disappeared with the new sounds of babbling brides maids and foreign languages. The parking lot was swarming with impatient vehicles lurking around for an open spot. The time was 7:30am.