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What I Find Meaningful

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Journal Entry January 18, 2019

“Meaningfulness is found by assessing what is truly important. What is meaningful for you? When you know the answers to this question, you’ll have created truth—truth according to you. Devotion of your life to your own truth heals the shadow that never believes that truth really exists.”
  • Knowing love and beauty within myself
  • Time and the ability to know how to enjoy it
  • Feeling “enough” in every moment—happiness, contentment, wellness— and not seeking more
  • My health, guided by my personal body literacy
  • Loving relationships with my parents and siblings
  • Freedom in the act and discipline of self-reliance
  • Self expression through dance, music, art
  • The healing, untapped power of plant medicines
  • Clarity that comes from stillness and silence
  • Creation, using my hands to build useful, inspiring and beautiful things
  • The ability to know how to separate my true desires from the learned habit of making money
  • Making money does not belong here
  • Helping others to heal
  • Maintaining and working on “practice” in health, both physical and mental, art, relationships, communication and love
  • Letting go of that and of those who do not serve me
  • The healing powers of the sun, the air, earth, the moon and stars, water and color
  • Loving myself fully so that I may love others fully
  • The quality of my mind determines the quality of my life