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Mr. Kamp

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This little dog has been the main cause of my stress over the last 2 years. Poor little thing just can't manage to shake his allergies and health issues. 

I've tried everything. Homemade food, supplements, probiotics, vet visits, worm medications, routine baths, allergy tests. This little dog is allergic to being alive.

In latest Kamp news, I've switched him to a dehydrated "raw" food (it's not truly raw or it would have to be refrigerated). For the first 2 months he would only eat a small amount and stayed his skinny self. He'll now eat endlessly, which makes me feel better as I would love for him to gain a little weight, but he's having 1-3 human sized poops a day and hasn't gained any weight. I can't win and neither can he.

At least he's cute.