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The Best Earth Day Birthday

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The day was EPIC. We drove an hour to The Promised Land, north of Prescott, AZ, slowly inching our way off road over 2 miles of rocks and ruts. To the unknowing eye, this place looks like a barren land of rocky hills, but "The Promised Land" lies in the middle of a deep canyon that can only be accessed by foot.

I treated myself to a nearly new (used once and only $100 on craigslist!) climbing rope that we christened in style on some of the best rock we've ever climbed. Smooth and solid with lots of friction.

That's me! My first outdoor 5.10b!

That's me! My first outdoor 5.10b!

We left The Promised Land alongside families of Pronghorn. We picked up a bottle of wine and called it a night after a couple warm showers in the cold night time air. The day was awesome, this life is awesome.