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The life of a snowbird.. as a YOUNG person.

Yes, it took time to ease into life without running water, forcing me to take trips to the laundromat. I walk more than 10 feet to go to the bathroom (outside). I only have 2 burners to cook, one needing to be powered by wood. I re-wear my clothes anywhere from 3-6 days or more. I only have space for 2 spoons, 2 forks and 2 knives (a few chop sticks too). When I buy something new, I have to get rid of something old. 


In trading the common luxuries of indoor toilets, tap water, laundry machines, big closets and junk drawers, I was able to spend my winter laying outside in the sunshine. I made money online, spending it on high-quality food, new cameras and an upgraded solar system, not rent and bills.

My simple life requires fewer expenses, allowing me to work less and save more. LIVE more. I feel ALIVE, agile, flexible and QUEEN of the world! Queen of the desert...

For now...

It's getting warm and snowbird season is coming to an end.

Current plans? Who knows. Living one day to the next comes with the territory.