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YouTube is Bending me Over.

Elsa RhaeComment

YouTube has imposed new policies on ad placement, which has made many of my body paint tutorials ineligible for ads. This means I will no longer make an income off the majority of these videos. 

Here are a few that have been de-monetized for "Sexually Suggestive Content" and "Indecency" under these terms:

"Video content that features highly sexualized content, such as video content where the focal point is nudity, body parts, or sexual simulations, is not eligible for advertising. Explicit conversation about sex may also not be eligible for advertising, with limited exceptions for non-graphic sexual education videos."

This is unjust, it is censorship, it is a dismantlement of freedom of speech. Our internet is slowly being suppressed. I'd love to go into my thoughts further, but I need to chill out a bit and gather my thoughts. I'm about to make some big changes. 

To see the newly imposed rules on ad placement, click here.