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I have a difficult time with friends. So many people to love, to receive love from, so many people who have my love. In choosing a new lifestyle for myself, I have been opened to an entirely new planet of possibility. I am for the first time in my life, the best version of myself. I look back on my past life with respect, I had to go through those years to reach my current state, but with extreme sadness that it took me what feels like so long to unlock this new, positive, high frequency life.

Friends complicate this life because I see myself in them. I see their desires, their hopes, plans and dreams but I see many of them in the same place I saw them a year ago. Now that I've entered the daily practice of bettering my life, I want to pull them all toward me saying, "I've done it! I've figured it out! Come, come come!" Very few come, and only just for a few days if at all. I had to work very hard mentally for this change in lifestyle and I know that it's not as easy as jumping ship and starting new... even though it is, actually. I have everything you need. Trust me and come live well.