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Back to the City

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I'm leaving the mountains today and while I look forward to celebrating the love and marriage of 2 of my best friends, my heart hurts. Bad. This 2-3 week trip back to the city signals the end of my favorite and most influential summer in my life's history. What a blessing and opportunity it has been to meet so many wonderful new friends, to see pieces of nature so beautiful I couldn't have ever imagined them. My honesty will tell you I'm afraid of the unknown future, my courage will tell you I'm excited and welcoming of it. With nearly 1 year of Scamp Life under my belt, I've learned that I flourish and blossom with change. Though I don't know what city or state or country I'll be in one month from now, I know that I will be happy in my own skin and will love the life I am living. Thanks for the adventure, Colorado.