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The Face that Started it All

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White Walker.

"Viral" was not in my vocabulary beyond discussions of the common cold. I was a year out of college, working for myself with few strings attached and even fewer securities. One day in May, 2014, the world met my face (my white walker face, that is) and my life decided to take me down a path that didn't make any sense, but was pretty radical none the less. 

I'm a HUGE Game of Thrones fan and during May of 2014, I was unable to find ANY examples of strictly face painted White Walkers. I took a stab at it (3 times at incriments of ~4.5 hours each) and painted my eyelids blue because I didn't have access to blue contacts. I can proudly and boldly admit that though you may have seen hundreds of blue eyelid'd White Walkers on the internet, mine was the first.