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I want to go to makeup school.

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Youtube has been miraculous in teaching me what I currently know about makeup and face paint. I can create things I never knew were in my brain and I can do them using a very small selection of products. Though I am my own worst critic, I do understand the magnitude of what I've been able to create with my small amount of knowledge and experience. My intentions are not to come across as boastful, but rather to illustrate that I've come a very long way with a small amount of resources. I work very, very hard and have a creative bolt built into my genes, but imagine the kind of work I could be producing with professional training. People from all over the world tell me how extraordinary they feel my work is.. but can you believe it could be so much better?! I want to learn new techniques that make me time efficient. I want to learn about colors and color theory. I want to paint people into backgrounds and learn how to airbrush. I want to get into sculpting and building facial appliances. I want to learn about makeup and facial structures. I want to create art that no one has ever seen! I know I can do it. I have the spark in my head just waiting to explode into fireworks.. but I need to know more.

Living in the midwest suits my personality (calm, friendly, natural) but it lacks in opportunity for this art form. What a dream it would be to build up my own educational studio in the midwest for artists like me who can't afford/don't desire to live in a bustling city. The sad reality of it all is money, however, I've already come very far with little money and my outlook is positive for my future and whatever comes of it.