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Fall and winter become ONE! Barron was snowed into the Scamp yesterday in Colorado. Not only was the Mini Cooper snowed in, but there was snow in the Mini Cooper after leaving his windows open through the night. Sorry, Barron, wish I could be there with you. It's got to be another one of those "most beautiful things I've ever seen" kind of days. 

Photo by @Mobile_Millers

Photo by @Mobile_Millers

Babe Tripping

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What an incredible weekend experiencing life and nature in the rawest of forms with my very, very best friends. Congratulations, Chelsea! Your wedding will be a direct reflection of your inner self. I'm so excited!

Back to the City

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I'm leaving the mountains today and while I look forward to celebrating the love and marriage of 2 of my best friends, my heart hurts. Bad. This 2-3 week trip back to the city signals the end of my favorite and most influential summer in my life's history. What a blessing and opportunity it has been to meet so many wonderful new friends, to see pieces of nature so beautiful I couldn't have ever imagined them. My honesty will tell you I'm afraid of the unknown future, my courage will tell you I'm excited and welcoming of it. With nearly 1 year of Scamp Life under my belt, I've learned that I flourish and blossom with change. Though I don't know what city or state or country I'll be in one month from now, I know that I will be happy in my own skin and will love the life I am living. Thanks for the adventure, Colorado.

Turn your sticker into a Macbook sticker!

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You need a sticker (like this one) and you need thick, white piece of card stock. I used the back sheet of another sticker.


Trace a circle the size of the sticker circle and cut!


Remove the sticker from its backing and place the white circle onto the sticky part of the sticker. Apply the entire piece to your Macbook and you now have a cooler Macbook than you did before!


Check out my latest sticker release video to see the rest of the stickers in release #3!