Elsa Rhae

Professional Creative

Dust City Mountain Mural

In the exciting chaos of learning how to travel in our 13ft trailer, the manufacturers of my wood stickers, Dust City Designs, allowed us to park at their sticker headquarters and get the inside look at how each sticker is created! In trade, I made for them a mountain inspired mural in their main office!

KC Taco Company Hippie Mural

KC Taco Company invited me to create a mural for their new location in the River Market of Kansas City. Owner, Arthur Leduc, wanted his VW bus to be featured around a scene of sunflowers. I went with a trippy 70's theme. If you are looking to eat somewhere fresh and funky, check out KC Taco Company! (The mushroom tacos are my favorite!)

Mandala Yoga Studio


I had the incredible opportunity to paint for Kansas City's local, Karma Tribe Yoga, the community's first donation-based yoga studio. The walls were pre-painted with colorful, blocky spray paint, and all that was left for me to do was draw my mandalas. I used wide and medium felt tip Montana paint markers.

Geometric Wall Paint

This wall paint was inspired by a "Zen Doodle" I found on Reddit. After a handful of attempts at the doodle, I found some masking tape and started taping up my bedroom wall. I used standard latex wall paint which gave me a bit of a hard time during the tape peeling process, but beyond that the project was pretty simple for me to tackle.

Mehndi Tree Wall Paint

Floral/spiraling Mehndi designs are my favorite style of doodling. Between two doors, I had the perfect section of wall space to create a Mehndi style tree. I practiced first in a sketch book, then took to the wall using 2 different sized acrylic paint markers. 

Plumbing Pipes Wall Paint

I was commissioned by a local Kansas City family to paint a unique design in their basement bathroom. The family sent me images of rustic, sketched plumbing pipes and gave me creative liberty to run with the wind. I used my acrylic paint markers for this project and spent a total of 9 hours completing it.